Check Out The Bargains On The PF Changs Menu

PF Changs MenuWe are all trying to save money these days and many restaurants are helping us by offering special deals. I am a big fan of Chinese food but I like my meals healthy. The PF Changs menu features everything I am looking for in terms of content and prices. This restaurant chain is making a huge effort to help patrons keep money in their wallets while eating right.

For just $39.95, two people can enjoy a four course meal at one of the many PF Changs locations throughout the country. If you have never eaten at this restaurant, this should be enough to get you there. The price is right and only the freshest ingredients are used in each dish, which is prepared to order especially for you. There is no better way to dine out, in my opinion.

The PF Changs menu for this special offer allows each person to select a soup and entrée and share an appetizer. Dessert is also included and diners can each select a mini dessert or order one larger dessert together. The selection is not sparse by any account. Appetizers include their famous lettuce wraps, delicious crab wontons, and vegetarian spring rolls.

The PF Changs Menu Offers Many Bargains

Chicken, beef, pork, and seafood entrees are included in the PF Chang menu for two. I love the orange peel chicken because it has just the right amount of kick to it. Next time I go, I want to try the crispy honey shrimp. I have found that honey tastes great when paired with different types of seafood so this one is sure to be a winner.  Tiramisu is my go-to dessert but the tres leche lemon dream is on my list to try.

The main PF Changs menu is just as fabulous as this one. For those who are counting calories, nutritional information is available online. Some of the healthiest lunch items are the steamed Buddha’s Feast and Sichuan shrimp. There is also a gluten free menu that features many of the most popular dishes. If you can manage to get the kids to this restaurant, they will quickly become a fan of the lo mein.

Happy hour is celebrated with fanfare especially if you bring PF Changs coupons that will help you save even more money.  Drink specials include the fabulous green apple martini and Asian pear mojito. The PF Changs menu for happy hour includes dim sum, spicy shrimp, spring rolls, and tuna tataki crisp. Look online for coupons that offer discounted dining opportunities and try this restaurant. Don’t forget to search for online coupons for PF Changs before you visit them.

The PF Changs Menu Offers Vegetarian Options

PF Changs MenuAs a vegetarian, my options have always been limited when choosing dining establishments. This has caused me to miss many fun times with friends. That all changed once I got a look at the PF Changs menu. On it are plenty of vegetarian meals for me to enjoy and with dining coupons, the prices are very low. I instantly became a fan and have dined there on a regular basis for years.

There are PF Changs locations nationwide so it does not require a long drive to find one. Upon arrival, you will immediately notice the unique décor, which is rich, dark, and elegant. I love the lighting used at night- there is just enough for you to see your meal. The dim atmosphere creates a feeling of intimacy not characteristic of many other chain restaurants. I can get dressed up to dine here before a night on the town and not feel self-conscious.  I can also do so less expensively when I bring OPF Changs coupons with me.

The vegetarian options on the PF Changs menu begin with appetizers and go straight through to entrees. This restaurant is famous for its chicken lettuce wraps but it also has a vegetarian version that is excellent. Spring rolls are another favorite of patrons and these are naturally vegetarian. Vegetable dumplings on the their menu are either pan-fried or steamed but both vegetarian and come with a delicious potsticker sauce.

There Are Many Vegetarian Options On The PF Changs Menu

Vegetarians are not forced to go bland when ordering from the PF Changs menu. The spicy green beans and Sichuan-style asparagus pack a powerful punch in the side dish department. Lunchtime vegetarian meals include the steamed or stir-fried Buddha’s feast with white or brown rice. The steamed version with the brown rice has only 210 calories and two grams of fat.

For dinner, the stir-fried eggplant is one of my favorite PF Chang menu items. It features a spicy sauce with scallions and chili paste. Coconut curry vegetables are also delicious because they pick up mild spice from the curry powder and sweetness from the coconut milk sauce. Though I would not consider myself a huge tofu eater, I sometimes order the ma po tofu.

I have a few friends who have dietary restrictions because they cannot eat gluten. I informed them that the PF Changs menu has a gluten free section and they now enjoy dining out with me. They found coupons online for discounted dining so they are welcome any time! They have plenty of food to choose from and pay unbeatable prices.  Remember to search for PF Changs coupons.